20 Cute Small Business Packaging Ideas

Here is a list of 20 small business packaging ideas that will get your customers excited! Many customers consider the packaging as a part of your product. This is why picking out the right mailers is important. It represents a piece of your brand.

In this article we will include a variety of cute poly mailers and bubble mailers for you small business. Let’s just say with these cute packaging ideas you will be giving your customers the “total package”. Remember, you never get a second chance at first impressions. So, let’s jump right in with the list.

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Small Business Packaging Ideas

Cute Poly Mailers

Pretty Pink Poly Mailers-Small Business Packaging Ideas
  1. Pretty Pink Poly Mailers– These poly mailers are so pretty and the perfect shade of pink. The best feature is the cute text letting your customers know that they obviously have great taste.
Thank You Geometric Leaves

2. Thank You Geometric Leaves – What better way to tell your customers “thank you” than by saying it on your package. The geometric leaf design on this mailer makes it so unique.


3. Chic Black Poly Mailers – This is one of my favorite small business packaging ideas. It has a chic black design and gets your customer excited that their package has arrived.

Multi-Color Small Mailers

4. Multi-Color Small Mailers – If your have small products, then these smaller poly mailers are perfect. They are available in different colors such as white, blue, pink, purple, and teal.

Mint Green & Gold Triangles

5. Mint Green & Gold Triangles – Brighten up your packaging with these beautiful mint green and gold colors.

Floral Small Business Packaging Ideas

6. Floral Small Business Packaging Ideas – Keep it classy and feminine with these floral poly mailers.

Eco-friendly Shipping Bags

7. Eco-friendly Shipping Bags – These biodegradable bags are a perfect match for organic and handmade businesses. Plus, they are safe for the environment.

Animal Print Mailers - small business packaging ideas

8. Animal Print Mailers – This duo set gives you two different small business packaging ideas. You can change it up between snake skin and cheetah print.

Marble and Gold Packaging

9. Marble and Gold Packaging – Gorgeous mailers that thank your customers for supporting your small business.

Variety Pack Poly Mailers | Small Business Packaging Ideas

4 Sizes Variety Pack of Pink Poly Mailers

10. 4 Sizes Variety Pack of Pink Poly Mailers – Get this variety pack of mailers if you need more sizing options. The sizes range from small to large.

Designer Variety Pack - Small Business Packaging Ideas

11. Designer Variety Pack – Want the option to change up the look of your packaging with every order? Then this bright and festive small business packaging idea is for you.

Black and White Floral Mailer

12. Black and White Floral Mailers – Purchasing a variety pack gives you more options. Especially if you offer products with different sizes.

Cute Cactus Variety Pack

13. Cute Cactus Variety Pack – Here is another variety pack. The cactus design makes this packaging collection unique.

Cute Bubble Mailers

Glamour Holographic Cute Bubble Mailers

14. Glamour Holographic Cute Bubble Mailers – If your brand is fashion or beauty, then you will stand out with these glamourous mailers.

Rose Gold Metallic Mailers - Small Business Packaging Ideas

15. Rose Gold Metallic Mailers – Rose gold is my favorite color, so of course this one made the list.

Colorful Pattern Cute Bubble Mailers

16. Colorful Pattern Cute Bubble Mailers – Have fun packaging orders with this variety pack. Includes 3 different colorful designs so that you can change it up.

Red Lips Padded Packaging

17. Red Lips Padded Packaging – Give a kiss with every order with these beautiful mailers.

Multi Color Bubble Mailers

18. Multi Color Bubble Mailers – This packaging is available in 6 different colors.

Pink Present Bubble Envelope - Small Business packaging ideas

19. Pink Present Bubble Envelope – Use this mailer to let your customers know at first glance that their gift has arrived.

Colorful Butterfly Bubble Mailers

20. Colorful Butterfly Bubble Mailers – Vibrant and cute packaging that will give your customer butterflies.

Which is Your Favorite?

We hope you found this list helpful. Which packaging was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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