Beauty Salon Décor Ideas for Hairstylists

Do you need some décor ideas to give your beauty salon the extra oomph it needs? Then spice up those bland walls with some beautiful hair art.

I understand that putting together a hair salon can be overwhelming. Especially when it comes to decorating. It is easy to get drowned with so many ideas. Well, we want to help make it easy.

Here are some hair salon wall art ideas for you to get some inspiration on how to decorate your hair salon walls. This will make your business look stylish and a create a space where your clients love to be! 

Our favorite type of wall décor is printable wall art. This is because it allows you to get high quality artwork at an affordable price. Printable wall art is digital art that you can print out yourself. You can then print them at home, at a local print shop, or upload to an online printing company for a fraction of the price.     

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Beauty Salon Décor Ideas for Hairstylists

1. Invest In Your Hair Salon Printable Wall Art

From the moment a visitor steps into your salon, they should feel like they need your service, right?  So persuade them with some motivation. This poster is perfect! It tells them to, “Invest in your hair, it’s the crown you never take off”. The perfect wall décor for your welcome wall.

Blush Pink Hair Salon Posters for Hairstylists

2. You’re Like Really Pretty Neon Sign

Light up your hair salon with this neon sign. This will give your business space a trendy and chill vibe. Not to mention it’s just really pretty to look at.

Beauty Salon Décor Ideas for Hairstylists

3.Good Hair Good Mood Good Day Set

This 3 piece set of wall art prints will set the mood for your clients. It lets them know they are about to be transformed “good hair, good mood, good day”!

Salon Art for Hairstylists 3 Piece Set

4. I Don’t Do Drama I Do Hair Salon Printable Art

You are the heart of your hairstyling business. Why? Because you have the expertise to transform your client’s vision into reality. Let people know that your establishment is about business. “I don’t do drama, I do hair”.

Beauty Salon Decor - Hairstylist quote

5. Live Colorfully or Dye Trying Blush Pink Salon Art

If you are known for your hair coloring skills then this décor piece is a no-brainer. Plus, this pink styling chair is sooooo pretty and unique! Everyone will be complimenting your chic decorating skills.

6. Hairstylist Definition Printable Wall Art

Give your clients confidence that they trusted the right hairstylist to do their hair. Flex your superpower with this perfect definition print.

Definition Print Poster for Hairstylists

7. Love Is In The Hair Art Printable Wall Decor

This fun black and white poster features a heart made with hair styling tools. Love is in the Hair! I’m sure all your clients will agree. 😉

Beauty Salon Décor Ideas for Hairstylists

More Hair Art for Hairdressers

8. Floral Hair Salon Décor Set of 3

The floral design in these wall art prints is so fun and feminine. This 3 piece set will make your walls pop with beauty.

Floral Hair Salon Decor Set of 3 Posters

9. Your Beauty Is My Business 3 Piece Set

Make your clients feel like they are your top priority with this minimalistic art set. “Your beauty is my business”.

Your Beauty Is My Business 3pc Posters

10. Roots Are For Trees Hairstylist Printable

If you offer hair coloring services then this funny hair art is a must!

Hairstylist Quote - Roots Are For Trees Art

Other Great Hair Salon Posters

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