Esthetician Room Ideas For Small Spaces

Esthetician room ideas for small spaces require simple and focused efforts so that your workspace looks beautiful and is still functional. You must consider the color scheme, style, and the size of the furniture and accessories that you will be adding. In this article we will discuss some easy décor items you can use to make your room look esthetically pleasing.

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Top Esthetician Room Ideas

Here are some of the best and easiest ideas to create an alluring atmosphere within your small esthetician room.

1. Include a Pink Rolling Storage Trolley

Adding a cute and functional pink storage trolley can upgrade the look of your room. The pink will add a pop of color, plus you can put all your essentials in it. It’s rolling feature also makes it easier to complete your daily work tasks.

2. Incorporate a Swivel Salon Stool

This swivel salon stool has a pearly white seat and smooth-rolling wheels. It has a sleek and modern look that will add beauty to any small esthetician room.

White Swivel Salon Chair

3. Use a Portable Spa Table

You can make your esthetics room more practical and decorative with a portable spa table. This table is designed to occupy less space. It can be folded when not in use to make your room more functional. This is perfect if you are a traveling esthetician. Or, if you want to use your room for any other purpose.

Pink Portable Spa Table - Small Esthetician Room Ideas

4. Add Some Printable Skincare Wall Art

Add a beautiful piece of wall décor to your room like this glowing skin 2-piece set. Printable art is affordable wall décor you can download, print, and hang to transform those blank walls. Another idea is to frame it and place it on your countertop or end table. This works awesome if you want to conserve space. Wall art is a simple way to uplift the spirit of a small room. They are also a fun way to promote your skin care products and services.

Glowing Skincare Art Set of 2 Wall Prints

5. Switch to Pink Salon Towels and Face Masks

If you can’t tell already, I love pink! However, you can use these same ideas by matching them with your brand colors. Use small accessories, like salon towels and cute face masks, that are same color of your business branding. It will add a chic look to your overall décor.

Pink Spa Towels
Esthetician Room Ideas - Skincare Face Mask

6. Bring a Mini Towel Warmer

If you are cramped for space, then small equipment accessories are a lifesaver. This mini towel warmer work wells with confined spaces and gets the job done.

Mini Towel Warmer Small Esthetician Room Ideas

7. Wear a Cute Estheticians Shirt

Create an engaging impression of your esthetician room with this trendy and professional esthetician shirt.

Esthetician Shirt for Women

8. Carry A Starbucks Tumbler Coffee Cups

Even the smallest accessories can give your small room personality. I love the funny saying “Esthetician Fuel” and the design on this Starbucks tumbler coffee cup.


9. Add a Comfy Skincare Pillow

Comfy pillows add a home-like feel to any environment. This fun skincare pillow will go with the esthetics theme and make your room a comfort zone for your customers.

Esthetician Room Ideas For Small Spaces Pillow

More Esthetician Room Ideas

By using these small and simple techniques you can you transform the look of your small esthetician room on a budget. Make sure to subscribe to be notified when we post more content just like this. You will also love these articles:

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