Feminine Office Décor Ideas for Women

Feminine office décor ideas for women you will love! Your office is your palace. It’s where you go to work and where you have your best ideas. While we often associate our office with stress and work, it should be a comfortable space that reflects your personality. Shopping for office décor for women isn’t easy. Trust me. I’ve been there. No one wants to walk into a boring white and grey office. Where’s the fun in that?

It doesn’t matter if your office is your creative space or where you see clients, the right wall art can give it a whole new look. These décor ideas can transform your space in the blink of an eye, even for my ladies on a budget!

We’re sharing 20 feminine office décor ideas for women who want to add a personal touch to their working environment. Grab a pen and make a list. It’s time to give your office the makeover it deserves.

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Printable Art Feminine Office Décor Ideas for Women

Printable wall art is an easy and affordable way to elevate your office space and make it your own. So, what is printable art? It is digital art that you purchase online, download, and then have printed yourself. The upside is you get your order right away and you save the cost of shipping and packaging fees. Plus, you snagged high quality artwork at an inexpensive price.

Next, take your digital design to a local print shop such as FedEx or Walgreens and have them printed for a much cheaper cost. Or, you can upload them to an online printing company such as Prints of Love and have them printed as art prints, poster prints, or on canvas. Printable wall art opens so many more options for customization. Here are a few of our favorite choices below.  

Home Sweet Office Set of 3 Art Print Poster
Office décor for women set of 3 art prints

Invest in artificial flowers

While we love the smell of fresh flowers, they can be a nightmare in an office. Artificial flowers are the ideal alternative and one of our favorite feminine office décor ideas. You can usually find some really pretty choices with the vase on Amazon at a good price. It’s best to choose artificial flowers that complement your space and aesthetic.

Office Décor Ideas - Pink Roses and White Oriental Lilies

Peonies are unapologetically feminine. I love that you don’t have to worry about watering your artificial flowers. They always look as though they’re freshly bloomed. You can even change up your artificial flowers to match the seasons.

White Hydrangea in Glass Vase
Silk Pink Peonies Silk Office Décor Ideas for Women

Keep It professional with business signs

If your office space is where you meet and work with clients, then you may need some business signs. Especially if you are a beautician or beauty professional and you do not accept walk-in clients. Feminine DIY printable signs can instantly elevates your space.

The by appointment‘ and face mask required‘ signs are chic and instructional. They let your clients know the requirements for your office without being too loud.

Face Mask Required Sign Poster
No Walk Ins Sign - By Appointment Only

Cute & Comfortable Office Chairs

Do you find yourself slumped over your desktop? No one wants to sit in an uncomfortable chair. Your office chair should be cozy enough that you want to curl up with a mug of coffee to get through your ‘to do’ list. This pink studded office chair is perfect match of comfort and style. Plus, I just love the silver pull ring detail on the back.

Pink Office Chair
Pink Desk Chair With Silver Pull Ring

Acrylic ghost desk chairs are super trendy right now. They are modern and effortlessly chic. Ghost chairs have been one of the biggest trends in office décor for women. Especially since there are many budget-friendly options on the market.

Acrylic Ghost Desk Chairs

If you feel like adding a more professional touch, this blush pink ergonomic chair can become a statement piece for your room. Chairs with high backs support your posture and ease the tension off your neck and back.

Feminine Office Décor Ideas for Women - Blush Pink Chair

Don’t be afraid to add a few decorative pillows for extra comfort. Décor pillows also add a touch of sparkle to finish off your office.


Gallery Wall Art

Do you have an empty wall in your office? Take advantage of that space by adding a gallery wall. Here are some examples of how printable wall art can transform your empty walls. Gold frames can help warm up your office, while black frames are effortlessly chic. This gallery of Boss Lady Quotes Printable Art Set of 6 is perfect. You can even add frames in different sizes to give it a totally different look.

Wall Décor for Women - Boss Lady Quotes
Boss Lady Quotes Printable Art Set of 6

Try three matching prints with empowering quotes. You can keep the message simple like in this ‘dream big, work hard, make it happen set. Use your gallery wall as your daily affirmation.

Girlboss Quotes Grey Set of 3 Posters

Do you have a smaller space? Downsize to two matching prints like in this girl boss quotes 2-piece set.

Girl Boss Strong Woman Quotes Wall Decor 2pc Set

Stylish Desk – Feminine Office Décor Ideas

Your desk is where you get your best ideas. If you’re someone who slaves away at their laptop for long hours, then you want your desk to be functional and stylish. It should have a sprinkle of your personality. I love you can use this chic white and gold office desk two different ways. It can be used as a desk and as a makeup vanity.

Chic Office Desk

If you have a small office space, add an 8 x 10-inch frame to your desk. We love this ‘Queens Don’t Do Drama We Do Business Printable wall art. It’s a reminder that if you work hard, you can play even harder.

Queen Quote Art Print Poster

Everyone knows your desk is not complete without your favorite mug for coffee or tea. This gold boss lady mug will compliment the gold accents in your brand new desk.

gold boss lady mug

Maximize your space with bookcases

Do you feel like everything ends up cluttered on your desk? You need bookcases and shelves. They will help you maximize your space. You can use the shelves to store your daily essentials and printer. This gold and white marble bookshelf is a great place to display your décor and add your collection of motivational books.

Office Décor Ideas - Gold & White Marble Bookcase

A cluttered desk adds unnecessary stress because it will be hard to find the things you need to function. Use the extra shelves to keep your desk clean and organized. You may also like this simple and chic white bookcase.


Gold Accessories – Feminine Office Décor Ideas

When in doubt, go with gold office accessories. It’s a rich and warm color that gives the illusion of making your office more spacious. If you have a small office or want to keep a minimalistic look, then gold office accents are the way to go! Save more by buying everything together with this 5-Piece Gold Office Supplies Desk Organizer Set.

Feminine Office Décor Gold Accessories
Gold Office Accessories

While you might not be ready to invest in gold furniture, gold frames are a relatively easy and inexpensive way to add gold accents. We think gold frames are the perfect way to finish a piece of feminine wall art, like with this Girl Boss Quotes Printable Art Set of 6.

Girl Boss Quotes Printable Art Set of 6

Office décor is a unique way to make any space your own, whether it’s your first office or your dream space. Tell us about your favorite décor item in the comments below. For more content like this make sure to subscribe to our newsletter.

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