Free Law of Attraction Planner

Our free law of attraction planner will help you to plan every part of your life. Use it as a guide to define your purpose in life and accomplish your goals.

The purpose of this planner is to help you with the manifestation process so that you can get results. Some of the things it includes is visualization, positive affirmations, how to design an action plan, and much more. This printable pdf planner makes it easy to develop a plan by giving you simple templates to follow. Let’s dig deeper into how you can use your law of attraction planner to manifest your dreams!

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Free Law of Attraction Planner

Free-Law-of-Attraction-Planner for manifestation

Think of this planner as it your own personal guide. Be honest and true to yourself when you write down your responses. There are no right or wrong answers. Take a moment really to reflect before you begin to write anything down.

How Do I Use My Law of Attraction Planner?

Let’s briefly go over the different categories included in your law of attraction planner pdf and how you can use each one to start planning.


The first worksheet page that is included with your planner is called Manifestation Goals. The first thing it asks you to do is use visualization. Visualization means creating a mental image of what you want in your head. This is powerful when it come to manifesting what you want.

How to use visualization for manifestation

First, visualize the thing that you want the most. Now, write down on your planner what it will feel like to have the thing you want. What does it look like having the thing you want the most? Finally, what does it feel like to have what you want? Use your imagination and focus your energy as you visualize. The more you practice visualization, the better you will become. If one of your goals is to manifest money then you will love our free printable abundance checks we created to help you visualize.

Limiting beliefs

Write down any false and negative beliefs that restrict you from achieving your goals.

Positive affirmations

Now, replace those limiting beliefs with a positive affirmations. This is also a place to write down your favorite daily affirmations. Positive vibes attract more positivity into your life. You can recite these affirmations in the morning and evening to shift your energy by raising your vibration.

Action Plan

The next step is to create an action plan. Start by writing down the necessary steps you need to take to help manifest your goals.

Daily Planning

Use the daily planner worksheet to map out your priorities for the day. You can write out each of the tasks you need to accomplish on the to-do list. Next, what are your intentions for the day? For example, you can start by saying “I intend to stop being judgmental…or, I intend to make someone smile today.” There is some additional space to add your daily positive affirmations. Then use the gratitude space to express the things in your life that you are grateful for. Lastly, there is space to add additional notes and important reminders.

Planning Manifestation

Weekly Planning

The weekly planning worksheet will help you map out your focus for the week. Use this planner to keep you on track by writing down your weekly intentions and goals. Planning out your week in advance will help you to overcome challenges and increase your productivity.

Visualization board

A visualization board is something that highlights the feelings, things, people, status, and relationships that you want in your life. The list includes your friends, finances, career, business, personal relationships, health and fitness, personal development, spirituality, fun, and recreation. This is a creative area where you can focus your energy on the things you want most in your life. Now let’s apply all this information and actually start using your free planner for manifestation!

Law of Attraction Planner PDF (FREE PRINTABLE)

This printable planner includes 4 PDF pages in US Letter size 8.5 x 11 inches. To download your freebie click the “download now” link below. What is something that you want to manifest this year? ❤

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Free-Law-of-Attraction-Planner for Manifestation

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