Skincare Art For Your Esthetician Room

As an esthetician, makeup artist, or hairstylist, you want your esthetics room to make your customers feel right at home. Booking a beauty salon treatment is an intimate experience and the ultimate act of self-care. You want to think about everything from your skincare art to your services and background music. It all creates the atmosphere and aesthetic that sets your salon apart from the competition. 

Don’t forget about the power of social media and how a dedicated selfie background wall could help your salon go viral. We’re sharing our favorite skincare wall art and how décor can help you transform your salon or esthetician room.

Why Your Beauty Salon Needs Skincare Art and Posters

Every esthetician room starts as an empty space. Whether you have a small garage converted into a hair salon or you rent an esthetics room in a spa. You have a blank canvas to work with. Your salon reflects your brand and what you stand for. 

When you offer a beauty or skincare service, your customers want to feel at ease when they come through your door. It should feel like they’re visiting a friend. Your space should be fun and show your personality. If you’re an esthetician or beauty professional then you probably have a Pinterest board full of salon inspiration.

Our favorite type of wall décor is printable wall art. This is because it allows you to get high quality artwork at an affordable price. Printable wall art is digital art that you can print out yourself. You can then print them at home, at a local print shop, or upload to an online printing company for a fraction of the price.

Wall décor and skincare art is a great way to elevate your space and make it your own. One of our favorite esthetician room ideas is to hang a 3-piece or 2-piece set of skincare posters. Since they were designed as a set they will look perfect hanging together on your salon walls.

Use your new beauty salon art in the background of your client photos. Or to display in your social media content. This will show your potential customers how stylish and welcoming your beauty salon is. If you’re renting your esthetician room, skincare posters allow you to add personality to your space, without having to commit to painting the walls or making other major changes.

If you have a small space then try a single salon décor piece.

The Skincare Posters Your Esthetician Room Needs

At Girl Boss Vibes, we offer dozens of skincare posters that will give your salon or treatment room a feminine and chic feel. These minimalistic skincare posters are contemporary and right on-trend. They’re the wall art that your clients won’t be able to walk past without snapping a picture for their Instagram stories.

Our wall art is made to fit any space with options for solo posters and trio sets. You can mix and match your favorite skincare posters for a gallery wall effect or keep it simple with a poster that captures your brand’s style. Our healthy skincare” poster is one of our best-sellers and perfect for adding behind your reception desk. 

Healthy Skincare Art Poster Wall Art Print

If you have a waxing room, why not add our “I’d wax that or our “waxing quotes 3-piece set“? It’s an instant conversation start and a piece of art that is sure to make your clients smile. It’s fun and playful, while creating a relaxing environment.

Salon Decor I'd Wax That
Waxing Quotes Set of 3 Printable Wall Art

Our skincare posters can also serve as functional wall art. Esthetician room ideas often don’t account for health and safety. Our ‘face mask required sign’ is an aesthetically pleasing way of incorporating your safety information into your salon.

Face Mask Required Sign Poster

Are you looking for more esthetician room ideas? Check out all of our skincare posters here.

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