How To Add Highlights On Instagram (Includes Video)

Learn how to add highlights on Instagram without posting to your story. There will be times when you may not want to add to your Instagram story and you only want to change the highlight cover. This easy step-by-step tutorial was made just for you! By following these simple steps you can add you new highlight covers in no time. Scroll down to the bottom for the video tutorial.

How To Add Highlights on Instagram Without Posting To Your Story

1. Click on one of your highlights to view it.

How To Add Highlights on Instagram

2. Then Select “edit highlight”

Select edit highlight

3. Next select edit cover.

Next select edit cover

4. After that swipe left and select the image icon.

select the image icon

5. Choose an image from your camera roll to become your new highlight.

choose an image

6. Click on the arrow.

click on the arrow

7. Then click done.

then click done

8. Next add your highlight “title” and then click done.

add your highlight title

9. Repeat each step to add more highlights. That’s it!

How To Add Highlights On Instagram Video Tutorial

If you are a visual person like me then here is a step-by-step video tutorial to show you how to add highlights on Instagram.

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