How To Get More Pinterest Followers in 2022

It can seem like a struggle to gain more followers on Pinterest. But if you have a business, then there is no doubt that you should be taking advantage of their audience of over 442 million people.

Gaining more followers on your Pinterest account shows authority and that you have people that are engaged with your content. It will also increase traffic to your website and products. Would you like to learn how to get Pinterest followers on your account in 2022? We have put together 10 top Pinterest tips that will teach you how!

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How To Get Pinterest Followers

1. Get a Pinterest business account.

If you are still using a personal Pinterest account and you have a business, it’s time to switch to a business account. Why? Well, one because it is totally free (you can get step-by-step instructions how to upgrade here). Second, it will give you access to in-depth analytics. This will show you which pins are getting you the most impressions and engagement. You can then use this information to see what type of pins your audience actually likes. It will also let you know what type of content you should be making more of!

2. Optimize your pins and bio with keywords.

Make sure to use keywords in your Pinterest account bio. This is a great place to describe what people will see more of by following your account. Using keywords within your pin titles and description helps your account to show up in Pinterest results when someone is searching for those words.

Business Account

3. Use hashtags in your pins.

Most people know to use hashtags on Facebook and Instagram. But you should also use hashtags at the end of your pin descriptions as well. In the image below you can see an example of how I use hashtags at the end of my pin descriptions to give my pin a traffic boost.

Pinterest tips - use hashtags

4. Add the Milotree plugin to your website.

Milotree is a plugin that helps you gain more Pinterest followers easily. I actually first saw the plugin while reading an article on someone else’s website. I clicked on the “Powered by Milotree icon” and signed up to add the plugin to my site. Boy am I so glad that I did! Milotree makes it easy for my readers to follow me on Pinterest. You may have seen my plugin pop-up when you opened up this article. Here is an image of what it looks like.

How To Get Pinterest Followers using Milotree

So, how does it work? Every time someone visits your website the small Milotree widget will pop up and feature your social media profiles. You can use it to feature your Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and even your Etsy Shop. You can also change the placement of where you want it to be. On the left, right side, upper or lower corners of your site. Or trigger it to show right before someone leaves your site. If you are serious about gaining more followers on Pinterest, or on any of your other social media platforms then this plugin is a game-changer! It only costs $9 a month, you can sign up here to join.

5. Add the Pinterest save button to your website.

Make it easy for people to share your content by adding the Save Button to your website. This is a clickable Pinterest logo that appears in to corner of your images. When someone hovers over the logo it allows the user to save the image to their Pinterest boards which will automatically link back to your content. Genius right! The button is 100% free and you can get it here by using the Pinterest widget builder.

6. Post consistently.

It has been proven that Pinterest loves fresh content. That why it is important to always upload new pins to your Pinterest account everyday. But who has time for that? Not me! That’s why I use Tailwind. Tailwind allows me to schedule my pins in advance to automatically post at certain times of the day. It even tells me the best times to post that will most likely get me the most engagement. I have been using Tailwind for about 3 years now to schedule my pins, and I will never go back to manual pinning again! Try it for free and schedule 100 of your pins using my affiliate link here: Sign up for free.


7. Pin to group boards.

This next Pinterest tip I have heard mixed reviews about. Some people say pinning to group boards works and some say it doesn’t. I have had a couple of pins take off because of pinning to group boards, but to be honest I don’t spend a lot of time using this method. I would advise you to try joining some group boards relevant to your topics and see how it works for you. You can find a list of group boards to join on Pingroupie.

8. Create beautiful pins.

Your pins are what makes people click to your content, so you need to make them look attractive and share-worthy! It doesn’t make since to spend lots of time creating great content, only to have sad and basic looking pins. No one is going to want to click. Use bold fonts and bright colors that are eye-catching. I like to invest in pre-made Pinterest templates. I purchase beautiful templates that are already made, and then I use Canva to go in and change the colors and graphics to match my brand. DONE! Read more about my favorite Pinterest templates in this article: Best Pinterest Pins for More Clicks and Traffic To Your Website.

9. Use your website name in each pin.

Add you blog name in each of your pins. This lets pinners know where the pin came from and will help spread brand awareness. The more people that see your business name, the more they will become familiar with your brand and see your business as an authority.

10. Have patience.

It takes time for pins to rank on Pinterest and to grow your audience. But, if you start using the Pinterest tips in this article you will quickly gain more and more followers over time.

have patience It takes time to gain traffic - pink clock

How To Get Pinterest Followers in 2021

Did I miss any important tips for how to get Pinterest followers that would be helpful to the community? Let me know in the comments below. Make sure to subscribe here for more helpful tips on how to grow your business. If you think someone else could use this information, please share the Pinterest image below. Thanks for reading!

How To Get Pinterest Followers in 2021

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