How to Print Printable Wall Art & Posters

How to Print Printable Wall Art

In this article I will explain what printable art is. Learn how to print printable wall art and posters at home and professionally. Also find out my favorite printing paper, frames, printer to use, and more! 

What is printable art?

Printable art is an easy way to get great quality artwork at an affordable price. After purchasing you can download your artwork right away, with no wait times or shipping fees! You can choose to print your designs at home or have them professionally printed. DIY décor allows you to decide how you want to customize your artwork. My favorite thing about printables is that it gives you the option to purchase any frame of your choice or you can decide not to have a frame at all. All our printable wall art and posters can be printed on art prints, posters, and canvas. The options are endless!

Where to find Printable Wall Art and Posters



How to Download Printable Wall Art Purchased From Our Online Store or Etsy Shop

It’s the same if you have ever had a photo from your phone or computer uploaded and printed, printable wall art works the same way.

  1. Purchase your artwork of choice from our online Etsy Shop.
  2. After you checkout and pay you will receive a link to download your digital files. You will also receive a link in your email order confirmation. If you don’t receive the link after 10-15 minutes please check your spam/junk folder.
  3. Use a desktop or laptop computer to download your files. Next, open your files by double-clicking on the folder.
  4. All of your high-resolution files are labeled by size. These are the sizes you should use when printing out your designs for the best results.
  5. If you purchased your item(s) from Etsy you can also access your files within Etsy. You can access the files in your Etsy account. Log into your Etsy account and then go to the “Purchases and Reviews” section in your profile. Or, you can also access them by going here:

How To Print Printable Wall Art & Posters

Let’s discuss how to print your printable wall art and posters. There are 3 different ways to print your files.

  1. First, by using your home printer.
  2. Second, by taking them to your local print shop.
  3. Third, by uploading them to your favorite online printing company.

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Online Printing Company

One of the most convenient ways to print your artwork is to upload your designs online and have them shipped to you. My favorite online printing company is Prints of Love. They have high quality printing options, amazing customer service, and we have partnered with them to offer our customers FREE 2-3 day shipping!

Local Print Shop

Another option is to take your files and have them printed locally. Here is a list of local print shop suggestions:

  • United States: FedEx, Walgreen’s, Staples, FedEx Kinko’s, Target, Costco
  • Canada: Staples, Costco
  • United Kingdom: Boots
  • New Zealand: Harvey Norman
  • Australia: Harvey Norman and Officeworks

Print at Home

If you decide to print your designs at home, then you will be limited to what paper size your printer is able to print out. Most printers are only able to print standard letter size. However, some printers can print much larger sizes. Keep reading to find out more information about how to print your printable art and posters from home.

What type of printer should I use?

My favorite printer is the Canon IP8720 Wireless Printer. The print quality is incredible, and it can print up to 13 inches x 19 inches.

What type of paper should I use?

The kind of paper you choose to use is a personal preference. You can choose to print on matte, semi-glossy, satin, or glossy paper may also be used for your prints. Matte paper has a flat look meaning not shiny. Glossy means the paper has a shiny look. If your printer has a quality setting, always select the highest quality possible. I prefer heavyweight cardstock paper.

Favorite heavyweight cardstock paper: Inkjet/Laser 80lb Cardstock 

Where can I find picture frames?

Click on the link below for the picture frame size you are looking for.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the nature of our products being digital files all sales are final. However, if you are having any issues with order please contact us and let us know we are always here to help.

Can I Use Your Printables for Commercial Use?

All our purchased and free designs are for personal use only! You may use them to decorate ONE business. We do not allow commercial usage, redistribution, re-selling, or sharing of any kind. Thank you so much for your understanding.

Save money and start decorating your walls today with printable wall art!

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