Microblading Studio Ideas & Brow Art

Microblading studio ideas & brow art to setup and decorate your room. Here is a list of items you need for your brow business. These are products you can use to add a personalized touch to your studio.

How do you set up a microblading room?

One of the most common questions from microblading artists is “how do you set up a microblading room?” The answer is there is no one correct way. However, in this article I will be giving you some microblading studio ideas to help you get setup and share with you my favorite brow art pieces.

How do you set up a microblading room?
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Microblading Room Setup

The key to setting up the perfect brow studio is you want to make your client feel comfortable and relaxed. Your room should also include items that will make your job easier. This article contains a list of important items you will need for your microblading room setup.

1. Microblading Chair

One of the most important items you will need is a quality microblading chair. Here are a two of my top choices.

This first choice has a hefty price tag, but it is the top choice because of all of its features. The Beauty Medical Aesthetic Chair and Bed comes with a hydraulic base and two remote controls. You can control it by using the foot remote or the handheld remote included. It can be placed in multiple positions and reclined into a full bed. If you offer additional services that requires your clients to lay on their stomach, there is a breathing hole in headrest. This chair was designed with comfort, quality, and durability in mind. It is available in multiple color options.

Microblading Chair and Bed
Beauty Medical Aesthetic Chair and Bed
Microblading Chair - Microblading Studio Ideas
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Our next option is the Best Choice Salon and Spa Chair and Bed. This microblading chair set gives you the most bang for your money. This is because this chair is affordable and comes with a swivel stool. This chair can be adjusted in multiple positions including a bed. It even has a removable towel rack.

Best Choice Salon & Spa Chair - Microblading Studio Ideas
Best Choice Salon and Spa Chair and Bed
Microblading Studio Ideas Chair
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2. Microblading Bed

If you prefer a microblading bed instead, then my next choice is the Best Massage Portable Spa Bed based on performance and price. It is under $100 and perfect for small spaces or if you offer mobile services. It is sturdy, lightweight, and can be easily transported and moved around.

Best Massage Portable Spa Microblading Bed
Microblading Bed
Microblading Bed
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Another feature of this bed is its sleek black color. As a microblading artist it can get messy dealing with color pigment. So, I suggest using disposable bed covers to protect your new investment. This is also a great way to keep your microblading chair sterile in between clients.

disposable spa bed covers
Disposable Bed Covers
Disposable Paper Roll Holder for Spa Beds
Disposable Paper Roll Holder

If you want to make your clients feel extra comfy then you can invest in this Deluxe & Cushy Lint-Free Fleece Table Pad. It will add extra padding to your chair and bed.


3. Neck Pillow & Organizer

When I first saw this product, I literally jumped for joy! This neck pillow organizer is perfect for microblading artists. It provides your clients with extra comfort and neck support while giving you space to organize your tools for microblading. This item is a definitely a must-have!

4. Brow Art

One of the most budget-friendly ways to decorate your microblading studio is with printable brow art. Printable wall art is affordable art that you download instantly and then take to your local print shop such as Costco, Walgreens, or Target to have printed. The advantage is you get high quality artwork without the high-ticket price tag and added shipping costs. Most of the time you can get your artwork the same day! Here are a few of my favorite printable brow art designs.

Brow Decor Humor for Salons
Beauty Brow Bar Wall Décor for Estheticians
Wall Decor Microblading Quotes for Brow Artists

5. LED Neon Sign

A great way to advertise your brow services is to hang an Eyebrow Microblading LED sign in your studio.

Eyebrow Microblading LED Neon Sign

Or how about an Aesthetic Brow Art Neon Sign to add a feminine and girly touch.

Aesthetic Brow Art Neon Sign
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6. LED Hands Free Magnifying Glasses

Make your job 5x easier with this LED Light Magnifying Headband. This will help you zoom in on every stroke detail to ensure you are giving your customers the quality brows they deserve. It includes 5 different magnifying lenses to use, depending on what you need.

LED Hands Free Magnifying Glasses

7. Instrument Tray

Next on the list is this sterile instrument tray. This will come in handy when it comes to setting up and organizing your microblading tools. It’s swivel casters allow you to conveniently move it around as you work. Plus, the aluminum makes it easy to clean and sanitize.

Sterile Medical Salon & Spa Instrument Tray
Sterile Medical Salon & Spa Instrument Tray
Microblading Studio Ideas - Room Setup
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8. Disposable Bibs

These disposable bibs are great tray covers to keep your area sterile and clean. Then after each client you can throw them away. They can also be used as a protective bibs to cover up your client’s clothes during brow services.

Disposable Bibs Tray Covers
Microblading Studio Ideas - Pink Disposable Bibs

9. Utility Rolling Cart

Keep all the tools you need neat and organized with this 3 tier utility cart. The rolling wheels makes it easy for you to move it around your studio and quickly grab the items you need. This cart is available in multiple colors.

Utility Rolling Cart - Microblading Studio Ideas

10. Brow Art Décor Pillow

Try adding this cute decorative brow art pillow to your room. It’s an inexpensive way to decorate and goes perfectly with the eyebrow theme.

Brow Art Décor Pillow

11. Professional Ring Light

When it comes to taking high quality photos, lighting matters. This professional ring light is perfect for microblading studios. I love how It lets you angle the light in different positions. The remote control allows you to quickly change the light color from white to warm so that you can hide blemishes or unwanted pigmentation. Using a ring light helps you capture Instagram-worthy client photos you need to advertise your best work.

Microblading Studio Ideas Professional Ring Light

12. Brow Art Decal Sticker

Add a brow art decal sticker to your wall. This funny eyebrow quote “Brows Speak Louder Than Words” is a simple way to decorate your studio without taking up alot much space.

Brow Art Decal Sticker
Funny Eyebrow Quote Wall Decal Sticker
Microblading Room Ideas - Wall Art Decal Sticker
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Microblading Studio Ideas & Brow Art

No matter if you are setting up a new microblading studio, or just wanting to upgrade your décor, start by adding some of these microblading studio ideas into your room. Want more helpful tips just like this, then subscribe to our newsletter.  

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